There are many students who wish to take up admissions to top ranking universities of the world but a few of them get this golden chance. However, to get this opportunity you need to excel in different fields. Apart from this, you also need to complete some basic requirements in the field of education to get in one of the best universities of UK. The study in UK for international students is of exceptional quality and this is the reason why many prefer receiving higher education there. Apart from this, many Indian students and students from other parts of the world get attracted towards this education hub because of variant of reasons.

Why study in UK?

The top ranking universities of UK offer students a wide range of courses to choose from. You can opt for graduate, diploma, post graduate, under graduate, as well as doctorate courses. As we have already said that there are various reasons why Indians would prefer going to these universities is manifolds. First of all, the quality education they proffer is much higher than other universities of the world. Moreover, the universities use modern approach towards different fields of education. Apart from that, students can find different job opportunities and do the much needed practice of their profession. These are some of the reasons why the study in UK for Indian students is considered the best. If you are clear about your future goals, then you will definitely find a course that matches your prospect and this answers your query why to study in UK.

Eligibility Criteria

The study in UK for Indian students after 12th can be completed only after fulfilling certain minimum eligibility criteria. One must take up an EILTS test because to study in UK without IELTS is nearly impossible. This test is conducted by British Council in order to know the level of English one can speak, understand, listen, and read. If you have taken up a TOEFL test, then also you will be given consideration to apply for any courses in the UK.

Undergraduate Qualifying Criteria

One has to score the minimum required marks in order to get in to any course offered at the undergraduate level. You must have completed your education from one of the two boards i.e. CBSE or ICSE. This will give you a direct entry to one of the desired undergraduate courses. Apart from that, you need to be ready with the documents that serve as a proof of what subjects you have studied and how many credits you have earned.

Graduation Qualifying Criteria

Almost all the universities of UK accept those applicants who have completed their graduation from a recognized Indian university and have studied for three years. The British Council’s graduate degree is equivalent to B.A., B.Sc., and B.Com. Those who have completed one of these courses become eligible to get admissions. However, some universities require you to complete 16 years of education at the time of seeking admission. And, qualifying the EILTS or TOEFL test is also a necessary for getting admissions.


Eligibility For Professional Courses

If you wish to seek admissions to one of the professional courses offered by the universities of UK, then also you need to complete certain minimum qualifications. A post-graduate degree in M.Tech. or M.E. from a recognized university is also necessary. Scholarships for Indian students to study in UK are also offered after qualifying a scholarship test. Also, for getting admission to MBA, you need to have some prior work experience. So, before getting admission to any course, ensue you fulfil the eligibility conditions.