Australia, a name that brings so many things to our mind when we think of it is one of the biggest hubs for educationists. The country is said to be the desired destination for receiving higher studies in different fields of education. Now, you must be thinking why to study in Australia and not in any other country. Well, let me tell you that Australia has an excellent education system and that is the reason why its 5 universities are ranked among top 30 universities in the world. Apart from this, one should also note that the country has as many 1100 universities that are widely known for different reasons. It not only is known for offering quality education but its lifestyle as well as climatic conditions is also worth noting. Moreover, there are good opportunities to study in Australia for Indian students.

Why should Indians study in Australia?

Those who are wondering why study in Australia not in India must note that Australian universities are recognized worldwide for different reasons. Be it quality education, undergoing a research, or any other thing related to education, Australia is ahead of India in many fields. This study destination attracts people from different places of the globe. Be it the field of science, business, or technology, one can find different options to explore in the field of education. The country offers a wide range of undergraduate, post graduate, as well as doctorate courses. However, if you do not want to opt for any one of these courses, you also have the option to go for certificate and diploma courses. You will also get to explore the fields of innovation, technology, and creativity. This is why study in Australia and not anywhere else.

Graduate Study In Australia

  • To study in Australia after 12th, there are different graduate level courses. You can choose from a wide range of available courses.
  • The study in Australia for Indian students after 12th is only offered after scoring minimum 60% or above in class 12.
  • For science based courses, one must have studied Mathematics in class 12 because it is a compulsory subject for admission.

Eligibility Criteria

  • All the students who wish to apply for any course in Australia must be proficient in English and have good IELTS score.
  • For seeking admission to any undergraduate course in Australia, the minimum EILTS score is 6.0 in each section of EILTS.
  • However, for post graduate courses a minimum of 6.5 bands in each section is required as this is the minimum requirement for it.

Postgraduate Study In Australia

  • To study in Australia after graduation, the country offers a wide range of post graduate courses for international students.
  • These courses are offered only after you have completed your graduation course from a recognized university.
  • For pursuing admission to MBA programmes, most of the Australian universities require you to have some work experience.