New Zealand has always spread its arms wide open for skilled immigrants as well as students who wish to get higher education in any specific field. It is welcoming individuals from different countries of the globe including India. However, there are certain pre-requisites that one needs to fulfil in order to reach his goals. One of the essential things for immigration to New Zealand is applying for Visa.

An overview

Applying for a Visa is necessary for those who wish to stay in New Zealand for more than 3 months. However, this is not compulsory for Australian students. Once you get your Visa in your hands, there is nothing that can stop you from reaching your goal. For the purpose applying for Visa, you may need to get in touch with the officials available at India’s (Home Country) New Zealand Embassy. On the other hand, you can apply for it online as well.

New Zealand Immigration Points And Process

Expression of interest

In the Expression of Interest, you need to specify about your aim to migrate to New Zealand and what you would be doing there. While specifying your purpose of visit, you need to describe everything about your past life. This includes your qualifications, work experience, age, and other necessary things. After this, the information shared by you will be placed in different categories and then the authorities will decide if you are fulfilling the minimum eligibility criteria for moving to your new Zealand or not. This will be put in to comparison with those candidates who have applied on the same time as you. After that, the selection procedure will be completed. Now, we will shed some light on the basic points of New Zealand pr from India.

New Zealand PR points

  • One should note that you can get the PR points through a particular age limit. This means if your age is less, the chances of you getting the New Zealand PR points are higher.
  • In case you know someone who is already living in New Zealand, then also your chances to get the PR points increases. For this, you will get 10 more points.
  • Also, if you can show them the proof of job offer, then it will be like adding a cherry to the top of the cake as it gives you some additional marks.

New Zealand PR process

  • If you are applying for Family Category Visa, then it is necessary that you must have a close relative who is already living in New Zealand as it will give you 10 additional points.
  • Immigration to new zealand from india for those who have applied for student Visa will be offered after fulfilling the minimum eligibility criteria.
  • After you have completed all the steps of the process, you will be called for the interview. Once he clears the interview, he will be provided with the pr in New Zealand.

New Zealand Immigration Points IELTS

  • A minimum of 5 bands as an overall score is necessary for those who are going under ‘Relocating Business category’.
  • Those who are going under ‘Entrepreneur Residence or Work category’ should have scored at least 4 bands in IELTS.
  • The one who is going as an investor can apply for Visa after scoring only 3 bands.
  • However, those who are going as students need 6 or more bands for New Zealand immigration from India.

Advantages given to the PR in New Zealand

  • First, you can live, work, as well as study without hurdles.
  • You can go anywhere at any time from New Zealand without having to do much.
  • You can also include your spouse as well as children under the same PR application.

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