How to apply for work permit in Canada?

To apply for Canada work permit you need a Work Visa to be issues that are eligible overseas and allows the individuals to work in that specific country. People do need to apply for the Work visa only after getting a job offer or an employment contract from the Canadian employer while you are up for the Canada Immigration process. Point to understand that the employer must obtain from the Employment and Social Development Canada and Labour Market Impact Assessment associations, that will clearly give them the permission to recruit the foreign skilled workers for occupations that they apply for.

apply for work permit in Canada

Canada has one of the world’s largest economies with a great destination for individuals who are seeking to work abroad. The Canadian work permit visa allows many business people, permanent workers, students, temporary workers, and others to work in Canada. Basically, the applicants need to have a definite job offer in the hands to apply for Canada work permit visa. Here in this article, you will know the process to apply for a work permit in Canada with more details, so let us get started!

What are the documents required to apply for open work permit in Canada?

To apply for open work permit in Canada, you need the documents that are listed here:

  • A valid travel document or passport.
  • Two photos of you along with the photos of accompanying family members.
  • Evidence that you meet the requirements for your prospective job.
  • Certificat D’Acceptation du Quebec, if required.
  • Proof of relationships with all spouses, children or common-law partners.
  • Proof to convince immigration officials that they would return to their home country after the end of their employment.
  • Educational qualification certificates
  • Proof of professional qualifications, including work experience
  • Pieces of evidence to prove that you are having adequate financial resources to cover their expenses during their stay in Canada
  • A medical examination is required to be done from registered hospitals.
  • Application fee to support your Work efficiencies.

Apply for Canada work permit- Visa Details:

Every year more than 3,00,000 individuals are granted visa permits to work in the provinces of Canada. This is clearly a huge opportunity for the foreign workers who are seeking to make a better life, under the process to apply for Canadian work permit, because then you can

  • Work in Canada under the employer you have mentioned in your Work permit application.
  • Earn in dollars.
  • Travel across Canada.
  • Have the ability to apply for the Dependent visa to call your dependants.
  • Apply for a PR visa at a later date.

What is the eligibility for Canada work permit visa?

The applicants need to show proof that they are eligible to take their job offer in Canada. To apply for Canada work permit from other countries, you need to meet certain requirements and the documents are to be submitted in English. Also, it is important to understand, that the work permit in Canada is ideal for temporary workers, foreign graduates from Canadian universities, and others who need to work in Canada such as businessmen who also seek to apply for express entry Canada.

General eligibility requirements

There is a list of general eligibility requirements that are listed below:

  • You need to assure the officer you will move out of Canada on the expiry of your Work Permit.
  • You have documents that show have enough funds to support yourself and your family during your stay in Canada.
  • Documents to support that you do not have any criminal activity and submit a police clearance certificate as proof.
  • Proof that you are not dangerous to the Canadian security norms.
  • Must have good health and take a medical exam if asked.
  • You have no plans to work for the employer present in the ineligible list by the govt.
  • No plans to work for the employers promising false jobs.
  • Must be ready to provide any documents that are demanded by the officers to quality your entry to Canada.

Which of the permit are applicable to apply for Canada work permit?

There is a list of permits that are eligible for applying for a Canada work permit, here are the pointers:

  • Temporary Work Permits for spouses
  • World Youth Program Permit
  • Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program Spousal Permit
  • Bridging Open Work Permit
  • Temporary Resident Permit
  • Post-Graduation Work Permit
  • Regular Open Work Permit

Some of the listed conditions to apply for a Canada work permit

  • Proof of financial resources that can support your and your family’s stay.
  • Proof of having no criminal record
  • You meet the Eligibility conditions such as language skills, biometric data, and insurance.
  • Willingness to adhere to the conditions when you apply for Canada work permit.

Wrapping up: 

We hope that this article is helpful to you if you are planning to apply for Canada work permit. However, if you still wish to gather more information about the topic then feel free to visit the official websites for more related content.

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