Top competitive entrance exams to study abroad

Is studying abroad your childhood dream but you do not know the exact procedure to go ahead in this endeavor? Well, this handy guide covers everything you need to know about entrance exams to study abroad along with other necessary details.

exams to study abroad

Before you go on to take admissions to any international course, you are required to fulfill some pre-requisites. The first important requirement you need to fulfill is to give one language exam and one standardized exam without which you will not be able to give the entrance exam for foreign universities.

The language test is enough to show your proficiency in the English language so that you do not come across any hassle while you spend time in a foreign country. On the other hand, if we speak about the standardized examination, this may vary from university to university and course to course.

The language entrance exam for foreign universities

The language examination will show your proficiency in the English language based on different skills in it. This is very necessary for pursuing almost all the courses such as Undergraduate courses, Postgraduate courses, and Certificates or Diplomas. Some of the top language examinations are listed below:

  • IELTS: this is one of the most preferred examinations which is conducted to seek admission to universities or colleges in Australia, the United Kingdom, as well as New Zealand. But, one thing worth noting here is that the scorecard you get after qualifying for this exam is only valid for two years.
  • TOEFL: another exam known by the name TOEFL is a preferred language examination that is a must for seeking admission to the universities of the United States and Canada. Apart from this, the examination is also valid in several universities in the United Kingdom. The validity of the TOEFL score is also two years just like IELTS.
  • PTE: this examination is accepted at some colleges in the United States while in some it is not accepted. While it is not accepted at some colleges in the United Kingdom.

How to get admission in a foreign university for post-graduation?

Once you qualify the Language proficiency test, you are required to qualify the standardized examination for seeking admission to any post-graduation course. This required examination is based on the post-graduation you have selected. For example, if you want to pursue MBA, then you are required to give the MBA Abroad examination. To know more about other post-graduation courses in international universities, you may get guidance from the Study abroad consultants in Delhi.

Entrance exams for study abroad with scholarship

The scholarship exams to study abroad let an aspirant enjoy fee deductions for his course of study. Some of the common scholarships to study in international universities are GMAT, IELTS, GRE, SAT, ACT, and TOEFL. If your performance is excellent in these examinations, then you are eligible to get the scholarship that comes along with multiple benefits.  Make sure to apply for these study abroad scholarships as soon as you think of studying abroad. When you qualify for one of the scholarship examinations to study abroad, your fee is waived off along with your living expenses. Also, some scholarships also bear the expenses of your airfare. Some of the most common scholarship examinations for Indian students include the Nehru scholarship, Erasmus Mundus, and Inlaks scholarships.

Entrance exams to study abroad after 12th

The students who have recently cleared their 12th standard or higher secondary examination from a recognized educational institution are eligible to study abroad and pursue graduate courses. All they need to do is give the standardized as well as a language proficiency test. These tests include ACT, GRE, TOEFL, SAT, and IELTS. You need to qualify for one of these tests before you go to study abroad after the 12th.

Entrance exams to study abroad after 10th

In case you are wondering which entrance examination you can give after clearing your 10th standard examination, then you must note that there are several examinations that make you a qualifying candidate to study abroad. However, one is suggested to go abroad for gaining higher education only after completing the higher secondary education. But if you still want to study in an international institute after the 10th, Singapore could be your next best study destination. In addition to that, you must be of at least 18 years or older to study in a foreign college or university.

These examinations are conducted every year and some of them are conducted twice in a year just to know about how much an aspirant is proficient.


Make sure you know each detail about the entrance examinations that are conducted every year to test the proficiency of an aspirant. In case you miss out on an important aspect, you will reduce the chances of getting selected. Since there are millions of aspirants who wish to study abroad but not everyone could be allowed to get admissions. Thus, conducting these examinations are of utmost importance.

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