What are the different types of British accents?

When you think of a British accent, there is no chance that you do not imagine British people speaking or presenting their gestures in an elite way. But there is more to that and you would find it interesting to know that there are however different types of British accents as well. So, if you wish to dig deeper on this topic, you should give this article a read. Only those who have actually been to Britain would actually know that there are several British accents that the rest of the world is unfamiliar with.

Types of British accents

When you come across certain British accents, you shall get to know that they are completely different from your idea of a British accent and this is enough to shock you. When you get to learn about these accents closely, you would get to know that they are nowhere closer to your expectation and are completely different from the English you know, listen to, and speak.

So, to have a deeper understanding of the same, let us have a look at different types of British accents.

List of British accents you must know

  • Geordie

The first to fall in this list is Geordie as this is one of the oldest English dialects which are still spoken by many people in Great Britain. This is not just a speaking accent but is also referred to the people of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne which is situated in Northeast England. So, if you want to study in the UK, you must have a slight idea of different accents.

  • Cockney

This accent is commonly used by the people of East London and it is not just an accent but also is used to refer to those who belong to London. Apart from this, there is one more description of the word “Cockney.” The word is used to refer to those who live nearby St. Mary-le-Bow which is situated in the city of London. You can also learn more about these accents by listening to them on Google.

  • Scottish English

Scottish English is spoken in such a manner that someone who is listening to it would think as if the words are cut from the middle. This is one of the different types of British accents that you must be aware of if you are learning about British accents.

  • West Country

This accent is also known as Southwest British which can be heard spoken by the people of England. In this accent, if a word has an ‘r’ in it, it will be pronounced after the vowel.

  • MLE- Multicultural London English

This is an accent which came from London and is also known as the sociolect. This accent is used by a particular class of people and it is mostly spoken by the youngsters of that class which simply means elders restrict themselves from using this accent.

  • Midlands English

Those who live in the midland’s city of Birmingham use this accent and like others, it is also differently spoken. However, this is voted as the worst accent despite being used by many people in the United Kingdom.


These were the main different types of British accents. But this list is not only restricted to these accents as there are some others as well. Additionally, there is Welsh British English, Estuary English, and many more. Hopefully, this post has completely served the purpose and has given you an answer to what you have been looking for since along.

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