COVID-19 Updates to Study Abroad in 2021

After facing a long crucial period of lockdown, life is getting back on its track. Universities are being opened and thus many students who had gone to their native places are much concerned about the Covid-19 situation. They are also looking for the procedure that Universities are going to follow to re-open the classes and admissions. All who expect to Study Abroad are encouraged to remain extra vigilant in protecting themselves from Corona Virus. You will have to understand that situations have been changed a lot due to the Pandemic. You will have to follow Covid-19 guidelines and protocol. As per the guideline, you will need to provide your Covid-19 test report done within 72 hours to get boarding entry on international flights. Let’s discuss important Covid-19 updates to study abroad in 2021.

Covid-19 Updates to Study Abroad

Students who are interested in participating in independent travel will need to submit a “Petition fo Exception”. In this petition, students should include a written justification mentioning the academic necessity of travel, the status of lawful entry for travels, personal risk factors, etc. Students may also contact their Study Abroad Consultant for more information.

Preparing for Study Abroad in 2021

There are few checkpoints that you should consider if you are preparing to Study Abroad in this pandemic era. So make sure that you have prepared yourself with the following necessities that are going to help you regarding Covid-19 updates to Study Abroad in 2021.

Apply for your US Passport today

Services of US passport are working at reduced capacity. So, it may take up to 10-12 weeks for regular passport processing. Students who have not a valid passport should plan to apply for a passport with no further delay.

Get a health assessment with a physician now

Students who want to Study Abroad must assess their health needs and decide to travel accordingly. The fact that needs to be understood is that some people may be at a higher risk for severe illness. So before deciding to Study Abroad please goes through your health checkup and then take a decision accordingly.

Consider COVID-19 vaccination

Try to take Covid-19 Vaccine if it is available for you. But you will need to understand that the Covid-19 Vaccine is only available to old age group peoples, health workers, and frontline workers. So wait for your turn and don’t forget to vaccinate dose before heading to Study Abroad.   

Purchase trip cancellation insurance with (CFAR) benefits

Studying Abroad in this pandemic situation needs flexibility, and Study Abroad Office strongly supports students to purchase trip cancellation insurance with CFAR benefits to safeguard against losses or penalties associated with withdrawal or program cancellations. So this will be a good idea to buy trip cancellation insurance with cancel for any reason (CFAR) benefit and refundable airfare.

Get tested before and after the travel

Looking at the criticalities of the Corona Virus, this will be a good idea to go through Covid-19 tests before and after the travel as that can reduce the risk of spreading Covid-19. As we all are aware of the behavior of this virus, so due to reason testing does not ensure that you are not at risk. So, try to follow Covid-19 guidelines such as social distancing, wearing the mask, and using the sanitizers on regular basis.

Note: Covid-19 has not been over yet. Keep following all the guidelines to get a safe and secure Study Abroad experience. Wear masks, keep social distancing and use sanitizer regularly to keep yourself safe before heading to Study Abroad.


In short, if you are also looking to study in Canada, UK, the USA, Europe, Newzealand, Australia then keep yourself safe by following the COVID-19 Updates to Study Abroad in 2021 guidelines as discussed in this article. Prepare yourself physically and mentally before heading to Study in the USA or any other country.

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