Canadian employment opportunities on the rise

Getting hit by the Covid-19 pandemic was the biggest tragedy for the entire world in a long time. And there has been a great hazardous effect on the lives of every individual. Some changes were clearly visible and some took time in coming to the light. Humanity witnessed challenging times physically, financially, and even mentally. A lot of the problems arose when work shifted remote and the income revenue of each organization got negatively affected. Several thousands of people lost their jobs and were struggling to earn their living. The job market had escalating demand but the supply was next to none. However, besides these hard times, there was an upside- some industries saw a rapid increase in their earnings. And Canada pointed out these job opportunities for people who were going through a rough patch or simply just wanted to migrate to Canada.

Industries that made opportunities available

One of the human resource giants in Canada gave out a statement that wasn’t just rational but also was the truth. People realized that on account of the pandemic there were some industries that experienced an increase in human resource requirement and laid out a lot of employment opportunities. Let’s talk about these work availabilities at a stretch:

Technology and Engineering

Two very significant job profiles that put out hiring announcements were software developers and electrical engineers. This was majorly because the world shifted from the physical world to the virtual online platform. Software development job profiles needed people to initiate a new project and troubleshoot or modify existing projects. Again, with increased automation and/or online shopping electrical engineers were looked up to be hired to deliver improved user experience.

General Business

Human Resource Mangers’ and Project Managers’ job profiles listed out vacancies too. In tough times like a global pandemic, managing the workforce and take up contracts or projects have been very challenging for organizations that led to hiring more and more people who were up to the job.

Skilled Trades

A basic-pay labour, a welder, and a truck driver are best examples of skilled trades’ jobs. There has been a shortage of working welders that urged a requirement; logistics, manufacturing, constructions, etc., have been looking for labourers, and trading or shipping of end products gave birth to the need for truck drivers. People who aren’t trained for big organizations had a chance to work, earn and build up their own lifestyles.


Every country, at some point, experienced issues with healthcare and their staff, especially during a hard-hit pandemic. People were getting sicker and there was no one to attend them. More patients meant hiring more people to attend and work with them. That’s when the healthcare industry spread out the word to hire registered nurses for the betterment of the affected.

Sales and Marketing Management

Job profiles like a merchandiser, sales representative, administrative assistant, and customer service demanded the organization hire more and more people as there was a huge drop in the revenue due to the covid-19 fear wave.


An accountant, a financial advisor/planner, accounts payable and receivables clerk are three very specific job profiles that acquired urgent vacancies. There are many reasons that led to the hiring- the world going cashless, online banking on the rise, increased cybercrime, etc.

Therefore, all these industries in Canada sent out messages and made announcements about urgent requirements and job profiles that are on demand. Canada had 15 job profiles that were seeking active hiring in the aftermath of the pandemic.


Canada laid out fifteen job profiles in six industries that were on demand and actively hiring. When the pandemic hit, tons of people lost hopes of leading a good life, but these job profiles gave them a ray of hope. People in Canada and people who thought of Canada immigration were cheered as where unemployment was widespread all across the world, these industries came out with great on-demand opportunities. Mentioned above are the profiles that were actively hiring as a consequence of the Covid-19 pandemic.

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